A Sense of Urgency

Posted on 19. Jan, 2015 by in Blog

I’ve been incredibly burdened this week as I’ve watched the news about the devastating floods destroying much of Malawi, Africa. It’s a place I’ve been, a people group I’ve fallen in love with, and the future home to my best friend and her husband. If you aren’t up to speed, 170 people have been declared dead and 200,000 displaced due to torrential downpours this week. More than 11,000 homes are no longer livable. Malawi, with a population of 13 million, is already one of the top 3 poorest countries in the world.

I have a sense of urgency and am asking my blog reading community to help me. Millions in this tiny African country need to hear the Gospel before it’s too late…and there’s a couple anxiously ready to take it to them. Titus and Ashley Fern, precious friends of mine, have been raising support to go with Pure Mission (a small organization out of Arkansas) to work among widows and orphans in Malawi. With the recent devastation, the workload awaiting them is likely growing by the day. They will be living at an orphanage called Esther’s House and believe God has called them for such a time as this.

In addition to the flooding, Esther’s House has also just taken in a newborn baby who was found abandoned. A baby left to die now has hope and a future because of what believers on the ground doing in Malawi. Would you be a part of bringing hope to those in desperate need of it in Africa? The Ferns goal is to move on Feb. 28 but they are still in need of monthly support to sustain them and their ministry at the orphanage while they are there. Please pray about joining them in this way. You can follow their journey and learn more at their blog site listed below.

Ferns for Malawi

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