2017 Word of the Year

Posted on 23. Dec, 2016 by in Blog

Every year I pick a word, a single word to dwell on for the upcoming year. Actually, that’s not true. I wait until I believe God gives me just the perfect word and then I claim it. 2014 was “truth.” Boy oh boy was I enlightened to both truth and Truth! In 2015 my word was “restoration.” And was it ever! This year, my word has been “fight,” based on the armor of God. Little did I know just how hard I’d have to fight, especially on behalf of Maelynn. Just recently, God has given me my word (and confirmed it in many ways) for 2017: SLOW. Go slow. Savor. Soak it up. Breathe it in. Simplify enough to notice the gifts all around. Slow down enough to do a few things well and not a lot of things average. Slow down enough to be passionate about the right things. Slow down to be present for the “Play with me, Mommy!”s and the “Look what I did!”s. Slow down enough to see Him in the good, in the hard, and in the mundane.

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