Don’t Ask How You Can Help; Just Help!

Posted on 23. Dec, 2016 by in Blog

I’ve recently been a part of several conversations among single moms that go something like this:

“We have to know there’s a need in order to meet it.”
“But what if I don’t even know what I need? I can’t think straight.”

Folks, when the rug has been pulled out from someone (whether by divorce, loss of a loved one, any grief), they are comatose. They CAN’T ask for help. They can’t think for themselves. Heck, they’re struggling just to put clothes on and keep breathing. Here’s a few things I can speak to personally that would be helpful to those hurting around you who don’t know what to ask for:

-Change the oil in their car & check tire pressure.
-Make them a meal that can be frozen for a night they can’t seem to pull it together enough to cook
-Buy them a copy of a book you’d suggest they read rather than just recommend it
-Mow their lawn/pull the weeds
-If you have a certain talent (cutting hair, doing nails, photography, etc.), offer it to them for free
-Pick up extra nonperishable items while you’re at the grocery store and drop them by their house

Be creative…

Show grace to those hurting around you. Allow them to not ask for help before help is given.


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