The Reality of Single Parenting at Christmas

Posted on 28. Dec, 2016 by in Blog

It’s not easy, parenting. And single parenting? It can look like throwing a small bucket of water on a blazing inferno. But it’s real life, and a life to be lived and not merely survived. I’d be lying to say that the holidays are “the most wonderful time of the year” or the “hap happiest season of all” for most single parents. While it may simply be one day on the calendar, that day holds enough stressors for months. How can handing over your very heart to someone who outwardly walks in evil be wonderful and happy?

How can you continue to breathe when you drive away from your mini me kicking and screaming, just wanting to go home? When you know you’ll go days without hearing from her? How do you wrestle with the fact that this is the lot your child was dealt?

I slowly got back in my car and stared at the empty car seat on Christmas Day. And as I made the lonely drive home, I reminded myself of truths I know deep within: God himself handed his only child over to those walking in evil. That’s what the manger is all about. He is intimately acquainted with the grief and heartache that comes with the territory. And to think that when God chose a family for his precious Son, He chose a single mom. Mary. There she was: poor, young, unwed. God could have chosen any family in the world…families with money, families with status, families with power, families with a momma and a daddy. But He chose Mary, a single momma. So that tells me that in God’s eyes, I am enough for my sweet girl. He gave her to me, and He loves her more than I could fathom. And if God knows what it’s like to hand over his child, and if God thought it best to give Jesus to a single woman, then perhaps God’s wisdom exceeds our human understanding.

As I pull into my driveway, I make a list. 1-Take down the Christmas tree. 2-Sort through that closet. 3-Vacuum my car. One foot in front of the other, do the next thing, trusting God to keep watch over my girl until she comes home.


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